Emma Daniel McGuire

I grew-up in inner city Nottingham in the ‘80s, within a splendid stew of music, food and demonstrations...  In a political household, amidst a rich and culturally diverse neighbourhood. My work has always endeavoured to reflect the narratives of my environment , of myself and my peers. I have always wanted to challenge the notions of representation around of race, masculinity, femininity, sexuality, be body positive, and deal with issues of gender as a whole. 

 My work examines social and philosophical modes of identity, in particular those derived from the classical representations into contemporary discourse.
 Over the years I have photographed and collaborated with a diverse spectrum of people and stories from boxer's, trans people, sex workers, MMA fighter's, woman of diverse ages, sexuality, race and backgrounds… representing them with love and respect… the photographic image I take, undergo deliberate alterations and incorporate tactile materials, such as clay, plaster, cement, wood and metal. As a result the photos / prints sit somewhere between 2d and 3d .. I incorporate the earth and natural materials in all my work grounding all I do back in nature and our connection with it.

From 16 I felt a wonderlust and left Nottingham with my camera and travelled around the united states my Mother’s homeland until I was 21 when I moved to London .. I have always felt like child of the world not really English or American from everywhere and nowhere ..

I have spent the past 20 years of my life between London and new York… I have shown my work in the UK around Europe and united states.

My studio is based in England.

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