Hey I'm Emma

I grew up in Nottingham, England. For the past 20 years I have divided my time between London and New York. I am a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and work with Printmaking, photography, ceramics, sculpture and moving image.  All of my work undergoes deliberate alterations, incorporating tactile materials, such as clay, plaster, cement, wood and metal. The visual manipulations and distortions obscure and confound our understanding of reality and the subject matter.


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Female Warrior Army

The female warrior army series is a symbolic exploration of strength, celebration of womanhood it represents the
layers within as a celebration of ourselves and each other .. woman of all races ages body types covered in porcelain .. Starting off very slick and glossy when the clay is wet but quickly drying cracking and returning to the dust from where we came. This signifying the cycle of our lives .. with
strength power and acceptance of ourselves. It's a profound representation of embracing one's strength, power, and self-acceptance through the different phases of life. This project seeks to encapsulate a timeless and evolving narrative, reflecting the complexity and beauty of the female experience.

I have Photographed about 20 women so far, I feel that this project will stretch throughout my life - the concept of warrior is a continuous theme in my work and life.

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Angel : Angela

 Angel Angela is a series of pictures of my friend, a transgender woman.. she asked me photograph her and at first I wasn’t sure how to depict and do her story justice so we spoke about it for a long time. She came from a very macho working class northern family background and so the transition wasn’t an easy one particularly at that time in the 90’s .. so through this discourse we decided the work was all about acceptance,  the images should depict a cis woman and trans woman accepting themselves and each other so I projected another woman on to her and the meld together, kiss and give a sigh of relief and love… these were then printed onto mirror polished steel 6ft x 4 ft so that when you view the work you become part of it. 

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I won't be bound - black and white

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I won't be bound

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In my 'Exhale' photo series, I utilised long-exposure techniques to document a couple's intimate journey through having sex, in each image they move through three Kama Sutra positions. Drawing inspiration from Eadweard Muybridge's horses and wrestling images, as well as Francis Bacon's wrestling images, these photographs delve into the nuanced interplay of light and dark, capturing the profound visceral connection between us and our bodies and souls, passion our deep visceral bonds.

These are shot on medium format film, Hand printed and gold toned.

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The Raft

"The Raft" is an exploration of classical aesthetics, race,
and representation. By depicting a black man standing in the same position as Michelangelo's 'David' covered in porcelain, gradually as the clay dries revealing his natural skin tone, it seeks to engage the viewer with the complex dynamics of classical ideals, masculinity, and beauty.

While shooting the work Kaye (who was 'David’), he and I discussed the connection to Théodore Géricault's "The Raft of the Medusa", which added another a historical and contextual layer to the work, especially considering that Géricault's painting featured a central black figure challenging the norms of its time. Thus, we named the series "The Raft" as a homage to this significant historical precedent creating a bridge between classical art, contemporary reinterpretation, and a dialogue about representation and identity.

I am fascinated with intertwining art, history, and contemporary discourse, offering a fresh perspective on established narratives. The dynamic interplay between the evolving clay, the symbolism of porcelain, and the revelation of the underlying brown skin adds layers of meaning to the exploration of classical and modern themes.

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

In my series 'The Emperor's New Clothes,' inspired by Hans Christian Andersen, I portray a strong black woman in powerful, statuesque poses adorned with relief prints of stockings and suspenders sculpted in clay on her skin. The intention is to question prevailing notions of beauty, gender, and race, especially within the context of classical art and sculpture, and to expose the societal fabrications that influence our perceptions. These are in B+W and colour (1m x1m) hand printed photographic prints .

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I shot the photos series, Repton, whilst on a residency at the Repton Boxing Club in Bethnal Green, London. These images were long exposures in camera in black and white and on 35mm film. The long exposure exposed the rhythm of the fight the visceral expression and primal movement, at the same time moving the brutal into a dance of beautiful blurred lines with frames of tension. These are printed on mirror polished steel so that as a viewer you become part of the work referencing mirror boxing in the gym and questioning our own voyeuristic involvement in the fight.

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XXXX Series

My series ‘XXXX’ began when the I had the opportunity to work with the acclaimed Renzo Gracie academy in New York, and was given access to photograph training sessions and ring-side cage fighting (MMA) matches. Using long exposures and lithographic degrading techniques, the violent act of cage fighting no longer exists. Bodies blur and blend, transforming each individual fighter's movements into a harmonious and beautiful choreographed dance. Under the aesthetic visual beauty of the images lays the vulnerable primal struggle for the male identity.

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