XXXX MMA - Terrain, digital videos, edition of 500, 2022

Commissioned digital series XXXX- MMA Terrain (2022), produced for digiYo, a new sports MMA platform, part of the Dapper Labs ecosystem. 

The series XXXX - Terrain are undulating, mesmerizing 3D renders of the physical photographic series XXXX created during my residency at the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York.

Part of the Duke of Devonshire's permanent collection at Chatsworth House, XXXX was previously only available, and viewed, as physical, limited edition mono-lithographic prints.  Now, these digital have allowed me to transform her artwork into video art pieces viewed in motion, recreating the movement of the fight on a new, planetary visual topography.

Each piece spins on a different axis, determined by variables in the image itself – the point of contact on the mat, fight mode, and bodily movement - while the evocative accompanying sound scores, composed by artist Daryl Brown, react to the position of the fighters.  Just as NFT’s and digital artwork represent a new frontier and communication model, XXXX - Terrain attempts to examine the viewers' interaction with the visceral landscape of the MMA ring in a digital realm.

© emma mcguire, 2022