Emma McGuire Artist
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Working primarily with photography, Emma McGuire’s body of work examines social and philosophical systems of identity, in particular those derived from the transition of Classicism into Contemporary thought. Underlying each image is the subject matters individual narrative which has undergone deliberate alterations and incorporated with tactile materials, such as clay, wood and metal. The visual manipulations and distortions seek to complicate our understanding of reality and the perceived subject matter, leading us to the impossibility of reaching any meaningful conclusion except our own perceived reading of the image. The essence of McGuire’s work is in the tension generated between the photographed subject and the spectator, with an intimacy created by blurred forms that facilitates a voyeuristic experience.

McGuire grounds her work as, essentially, an investigation into the latent and hidden signs and signifiers which dictate and control our reading of images and ourselves.

Born in 1977, Emma McGuire lives and works in London and New York. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2005, and has exhibited extensively in solo shows: Georges Bergès Gallery (2016) Chatsworth House, Derbyshire (July 2013), Giorgio Bratto Showroom, Milan, Italy (2013) and The Royal Acadamy Summer Exhibition (June 21013). Group shows include Warrior, Blackhall Studios, London (2012) and The Royal College of Art Print show at the Royal Academy, London (2005).