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Emma McGuire Artist

Emma Daniel McGuire

Currently I work and live in London and New York.

CONTACT;   I can be reached at @emmadmcguire on instagram

A graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Emma McGuire grew up in Nottingham, England and currently divides time between London and New York. Working primarily with  Printmaking and photography, McGuire’s body of work examines social and philosophical systems of identity, in particular those derived from the transition of Classicism into Contemporary thought. Underlying each image is the subject’s individual narrative, which has undergone deliberate alterations and has incorporated tactile materials, such as clay, Plaster, Cement, wood and metal. The visual manipulations and distortions complicate our understanding of reality and the subject matter.

The essence of McGuire’s work is in the tension generated between the photographed subject and the spectator, with an intimacy created by blurred forms that facilitates a voyeuristic experience. McGuire grounds her work as, essentially, an investigation into the latent and hidden signs and signifiers, which dictate and control our reading of images and ourselves.

McGuire examines her subjects through both a contemporary and classical conceptualization of the human form. Working in a variety of media, including lithographs, photography, sculpture and film, her practice is wrought with a visceral dynamism, influenced by the work of Francis Bacon and Robert Mapplethorpe. McGuire’s artistic inquiry is concerned with the grey areas of human nature: imperfections, vulnerabilities and contradictions.


2003 - 2005 MA Fine Art Printmaking, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2000 - 2003 BA Fine Art (First Class Honors), University of East London, London, UK

1999 - 2000 Arts Foundation, Tower Hamlets College, London, UK


2020- Outreach Champion for Art and Design UEL

2017-Present: Program Leader Foundation Art and Design, University of East London.

2016-present: Senior Lecturer, MA Fine Art, University of East London

2015- Present: Senior Lecturer, Foundation Specializing in Fine Art, Printmaking, Photography and Fashion, University of East London

2013 – 2015: Senior Lecturer: Fine Art Printmaking and Seminar Series, University of East London, London, UK

2013 – Present: External Examiner Photography BA, University of Greenwich/North West Kent

2010 – 2012: Sabbatical, NY, NY

2006 – 2010: Senior Photography Lecturer, University of East London, London, UK


2018 ‘Female Warrior Army’ London Eastbury Manor House

2017 World Fighting championships, Paris France

2016 ‘Molly McGuire’ London Fields, London

2016 ‘In Motion’ George Bergés Gallery, New York

2018 Collaboration with Renzo Gracie (DTBC) Abu Dhabi

2013 Galerie Sardac Viewing room, London

2013/14 Galerie Sardac, Lectoure, France

2013 Giorgio Bratto Studio, Milan

2013 Chatsworth House, XXXX, Derbyshire, UK

2012 Warrior, Blackall Studios, London

2008 The Mayfair, Warren St Studio, London

2005 Angel-Angela, Royal College of Art, London

2004 The Emperors New Clothes, Indo, London


2020 ‘Winter Group Show’ Georges Berges Gallery, NY, NY

2019 ‘Georges Berges Berlin Opening Exhibition’, Berlin

2019 ‘Way Out East’ Daryl Brown Art

2018 ,Esc’ Escape Sculpture Collective,  Eastbury Manor House

2018 ‘Curated Contemporary’ Exhibition and Auction, Southey’s New York

2018 ‘Face Value 2” London Jealous Gallery

2018 ‘GoodBye, Good Buy’ London Hoxton Arches Gallery

2017 ‘Antepenultimate’ Trinity Bouy Wharf, London

2016 ‘Black & White’ Molly McGuire Studio, London

2016 Summer Fete, Georges Berges Gallery, NYC

2016 ‘Gender Equality 50/50 2030’, Auction Unites Nations, NYC.

2016 Spring Fete Georges Berges Gallery, NYC

2016 Urban Experience, Georges Berges Gallery, NYC

2015 ‘Winter Fete’ Georges Berges Gallery, NYC

2015 ‘The Nude Male’ AVA UEL, London

2015 ‘Remember’ St Johns Bethnal Green, London

2015 UEL Art Auction, Cock and Bull Gallery, London

2015 ‘River’ AVA UEL, London

2013 The Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Art

2012 Warrior, Blackhall Studios, London

2007 Warren Street Studio, London

2005 2nd Year Itch, Café Gallery, London

2004 We Are All A Bit Different, Chambers Gallery, London


2018 Female Warrior Army, Eastbury Manor House, London

2013 Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, UK

2013 Roger Gracie Academy, London

2013 Nottingham POW service, Nottingham, UK

2011 Manhattan Graphics Centre, New York

2010/11 Renzo Gracie Academy, New York

2010 Manhattan Graphics Center, New York

2003 Repton Boxing Club, London

2002 Wentworth Nursery School, London